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Quick Overview
  1. The Mission Commander creates a Mission to achieve a particular objective, e.g., Assist Flood Victims.
  2. The Mission Commander will Login to define the Resources that will be necessary to complete the Mission, e.g., Backhoe Operator.
  3. If the Mission Commander makes a Resource "Closed", then it will not be open to anyone who wishes to volunteer. In this case the Mission Commander will need to Login and define possible volunteers for a Resource
  4. If the Mission Resource is open to bidding, then any Registered eBarricades member can volunteer.
  5. Once a Mission has assigned Resources and Volunteers, then any Registered eBarricades member can pledge their financial support of Mission Volunteers.
Step One
Review the Mission Details example then explore the eBarricades Missions using the left side vertical menu bar as well as experiment with using the eBarricades search form. Both the left side menu and the search form supply a list of Missions. From this list, select one Mission to get Mission details including the Resources required by that Mission. In each Resource listing, there may be volunteer activist listed as well. If there is volunteer activist listed, you will also find a dollar sign ($) that may be clicked on to pledge support to that particular volunteer activist. Also note that the Username of the activist is a link to a feedback page where you can leave your comments about this activist and view the comments of others.
Step Two
Try the eBarricades Mission Simulator. Where you can experiment with creating a Mission without committing it to the eBarricades public database. Remember this is just the simulator...nothing you do in the simulator will be saved!
Step Three
Register with eBarricades so you can participate as a Supporter, Activist or Mission Commander. The only information required to register is your name and email address. You will need to make up a unique username and password. If you enter in your address, you still have the option of having it displayed on eBarricades.com or kept private.
Step Four
Browse throught the Missions and see if there are any you'd like to get involved in as either a Supporter or a Volunteer Activist.
Step Five
If you do not find a Mission that interests you, then be a Mission Commander and organize one yourself.

Thanks for Exploring eBarricades.com!

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